To do the right thing

If you have stumbled to this page. I welcome you to my blog’ poetry section.
This poem is one of my most favorite & finest of creations. It’s written to inspire, encourage and amplify people’s inner voices. I have faith! that once your done reading this aloud & repeatedly, ( not sermonizing!) a positive effect will bind you and we shall connect as a writer & a reader.
Hopefully!, my message will get through and so will my expressions.
It’s aimed to revive the righteousness of a person.

Please don’t forget! – to read slow, read aloud,read repeatedly and acknowledge the punctuation well!
it’s purposefully structured ,to bring the best with all above considerations.
Thank you. Enjoy vocalizing the rhyme aloud ! 🙂


‘To do the right thing’




Can you hold the truth & lose your voice.
Can you live!, such a muffled life.

Can you find!?- that pacifier, your deviant! your Lucifer!
Or shall you stutter , then mumble, & recede to silence.

Can you swear; to hold! the truth; up-most.
Speak it blunt, cold, & un-tamed!

Such times a-blazed!, with opinions & self-doubt.
You eternally jitter!, yet stand & headway.

     ..With mortal calm, with immortal faith.




Will you envenom your soul!, with immoral toxins.
Or drench it out! –
in sweat,  in blood ,in tears.

Will you incinerate!, them innocent & helpless.
Or burn down the antagonist!, them shrewd & hellish cold.

Will you embrace them all  –
The inferno!, the bullets ! ,all coarse- cuss!
Let your soul ripped off, not ricochet.

Will you leave!, a fallen man behind.
Or stay altogether, a-last & instead.


Can you do! , one right thing for me.
Will you hold, your righteous today.

.. & read to them righteous, everyday.



By: Vishu Mishra

First draft: 04-09-2014

To do the right thing

To do the right thing

Such a place , I dreamt & desire

Neither poor nor rich will walk,
But all men equal, in share & life.
Where wrongs made right be the motto.
For thousand years those men who sully,
The soil-soul, all gods called earth.
Such a place I dreamt & desire.

Where Ideas & dreams take flight.
Where passion is professional delight.
That place lie layers within me,
Beyond a lusture of –material, class & sin.
Such en-route, gods told via-wisdom.
Such a place I dreamt & desire.

Enigma of this dried ink, will call a jury.
Of people in power of good will bear,
the vociferity of a soul’s struggle to share.
Break false deity, destroy with fury.
Of soil-soul with no sully, god’s earth.
Such a place I dreamt & desire.

by: vishu mishra

such a place i dreamt & desire

such a place i dreamt & desire