I silently

Like a bird humming its sunset rhymes,
I sit above my nesty edge,
Uncaring to the wind, the cold, the sunshine.
Just shy below my overwhelm.
Just hard to sing my melody,
Yet doleful yet deep yet silenty.

laconic I jump to chanting chorus,
throbbing heartbeats be drumbeats like.
And lack all the subtle touch,
Of fineness, of excellence of poetry yet,
Deep within my sober rhyme.
Lies a wishful fantasy,
Just hard to sing my melody,
Yet so doleful yet deep yet silently.

Of all be done but expression to love,
Acushla to the love that echoes away,
Desserted, unruly, like free will.
I poach the blood from the middle chest,
To drench the love that feebles away.

Oh! Dear nostalgia-
The moments, to were to wishful be,
To you,the prayers, like ever be.
I dreamt of a sunrise untraversed,
By the world, the people, but nature,
And you and me by the dawning sun.
Give a subtle touch to melody,
Of wishful fools,I aspired to be.
To love be perfect, in my dreams like be.
I scribble, I scribble ,I silenty..

I silently..

I silently..




by : vishu mishra

date: 21-02-2013



Moments Commiserate

The moments commiserate,
Beyond reasonable doubts’ seem.
Lost in the vibe of nostalgia,
Beyond the equanimitys’ seeming reach.

Sooner or later it will begin to hurt,
the reminiscences’ better build shall fall..
Beyond the sweeter reach of hope & save.
& colors of red,orange,green,of all smiles but.
…..To pieces of black & grey, whatever duller it seems.

Taste no good, smells no better, sees beyond the reasonable.
Braced to oblivion, my hopes’ romanticism to tragedy,
And the moments commiserate.

by :vishu mishra
dated : 17 -02-2013

A picture of you..

Dusted off in the closets’ corner,
Gazing out yet Hiding a half,
Found as left but a fold & flappy,
Happily encased like picture perfect.

Like a million words would marinate.
Like a million moments masquerading,
A breathe beholded, a smile slips & blossoms.
& vividly a vivant heart, slowly now it simulates.

unfolding, unflapping, now beholding.
snapped so ago,now reholding.
stilled ,seraphic, that song orchestrates,
I sit , I smile ,I picturize.

a picture of you..

a picture of you..


by :vishu mishra
dated : 14 -02- 2013

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