Junkman’s movie review – vishwaroop (kamal hassans’)

the storyteller

the storyteller

statutory warning – spoilers

so here’s the deal,
the kamal hassans’ magnus opus vishwaroop attains it controversy and its state of grandeur owing to the protest from the Muslim community.
but apart from the controversy,i personally watched it to find the special element “tour de force” that could take me aback to my seat and pop-soda combo by splendid spectacles of expectation meeting reality silver screen and a higher pitch of delight note in my personal series of long disappointing movie hours wasted in nearby cinema theatres that were supposedly highly promising with their promos at first.

the start is really good, the portray of dance teacher with feminine attributes to cross roads with terrorist organisation to the out-spark of macho spy with crazy wacko- combat skills and transformation from dance mode to arcade mode in first fighting scene.

however,it falls into a long subsequent ditch of flashback where the character is justified as an expert undercover agent with an american operative snitch plot to unearth the base of terrorist in Afghanistan and to release the captive Americans kept as hostage with them,who are being used to plea demands & confess infidelity of the westerners to the group which is followed by further supporting of the argument of jihad by examplifying their execution in front of the video camera and putting forward their motive and message across western world,just like classic scenarios.

meanwhile, the story wanders along, the psyche of jihadis and their livelihood and how our undetected undercover spy plays dirty within the brotherhood,also theres’ a long branch of connected string to the guilt of an arab merchants’ execution which is to establish the dark side of our character and his reconciliation with his karma in the second half.its long,un-appreciative and footage eating. for gods’ sake! if the man died! forget it!!

however, the adverse publicity based on the hullabaloo of release dates presents an idea of a really big -budget movie under rescue.however,the scenes and action sequences is pretty average.
but who knows,the costing of production has complicated and mysterious ends of which we,the minority of lesser-ignorant critics as speculative beings could only shovel our thinking and logical curiosity into a pile of endless sand and dwell forever but still lack conclusive interpretation,lets leave that to production teams and financial experts.

the action scenes content has lot of slo-mo,flips, rolls, in short- some complex acrobats by mr. Hassan, and not so complementing screenplay-back flash memory halts owing to his emotional packages, and super spy jason bourne styled-krav maga- mugged-man-o-mano fights and flips,kicks, that ridicules his body shape,weight and age and could easily be imagined as done by really thick iron ropes,powerful motor drives trying to give combat gravity and his di-oriented body mass and out of shape-no muscle macho vishwaroop that could hardly be complemented in the comic ways of a dabangg fan but only with an overdeveloped sense of comedy,that too in a comedy flick and ofcourse! the really busy days for stunt team to put a wreck to work,
but owing to the tamilian origin of the films’ gross action,with chopped arms-amputated body parts and blood baths,these are part of great action cinema.i was just there to aprreciate filmology of theirs’ concept.

the USP of the movie is the virtuoso kamal hassans’ acting career streak,controversy, and a big budget tamil movie running hot in north india.

however,the lead actor has gotten too obsessed with himself and his vishwaroops which are nothing but the dimensions owing to his expertise in secrecy & spyhood spunk.so in totality theres’ not much scope for other actors’ i.e. his wife and his sidekicks-> two guys and one girl.

theres’ a lot of confusion till the end about his status quo with terrorism, indian spy agency, fbi and personal scores with the other terror cell and its head i.e. rahul bose,who has done a smart job by mushing his voice tone down which adds brilliantly to his character.

main theme – cmc from used cancer treatment machines is being aggregated over the years to make a ” dirty bomb” n blow up new york to hail jihad!

totally stupid – the continous song played back on the movie action scenes which romanticizes the action,not so apt. for the movie.

hats off – to the screeplay and ability to draw and connect such a wide story on limited canvas and ofcourse the acting of kamal hassan as always along with the habit of eating all the limelight-which he cant solely be accused of,comes with status and stardom of all top actors. so lets see what part 2 will be like. yes!! there will be one.

cool factor– the concept of pigeons used as deception in the end and multi- level involvement of fbi,police,bomb squads,embassy etc,movie sounds and sound distinction in the first scene of ghungru,bangles. etc.

junkmans’ movie rating – 1.5/2 – lead actors’ acting. 1/2- for screenplay. 1/2- surprises,devoid of cliches’. 1.5/2 -originality,idea and attempt. 1/1- pigeons concept. 1/1 -sound distinction.

junkmans’ real rating -7/10

junkmans’ apparent rating – 8/10 (extra one for controversial- curiosity)

junkmans’ conclusion – one time watch,nothing special or ground breaking.

this analysis is critical.

yours truly,

movie review

movie review

Junkman’s cricket review – tugging with the aussies

tugging with the aussies

the storyteller

With indian ground staff more inclined towards making a neutral wicket,the upcoming home test series with the aussies will be a tough nut to break.

some stats-icc test ratings,team standings.

Team Matches Points Rating
South Africa 32 3965 124
England 41 4825 118
Australia 42 4916 117
Pakistan 29 3148 109
India 37 3879 105
india vs australia a cat-dog fight.

India vs Australia
a cat-dog fight.

the upcoming test series with australia offers 4 test matches to settle bad blood against the best in business and hope for  a marginal improvement in its test ratings.the home soil anticipates turn and damp on the 4th and 5th day.hence, indian spinners will have busy days and testing times ahead,lot of shoe laces at lot times more will  need to be tied up by the likes of regular spinners -such as harbhajan singh, r.ashwin.

australia’s current test form:-

1st Test

14–18 December 2012
450/5d (131 overs)
v  Sri Lanka
336 (109.3 overs)
 Australia won by 137 runs

2nd Test

26–30 December 2012
Sri Lanka 
156 (43.4 overs)
v  Australia
460 (134.4 overs)
 Australia won by an innings and 201 runs

3rd Test

3–7 January 2013
 Sri Lanka
294 (87.4 overs)
v Australia 
432/9d (107 overs)
 Australia won by 5 wickets

however,for india-the recent test match with england turned out to be an eye opener with its turning wicket favouring the visitors  to victory. The dwell with pakistan gave a quick crash course in bowling department,both spinning lessons and fast bowling lessons

.the general commotion in the top order with the retirement of rahul dravid, vvs laxman has cracked up the indian defence line and upcoming indian pacers or rather indian version of pace bowlers need to pump up to explode their wrath and match evenly with the aussian class of  pace attack.

junkmans’ money on for this series – virat kohli, cheteshwar pujara,r.ashwin,b.kumar.

q’s- will the gentle giant ishant sharma and only swing no sling bhuvaneshwar kumar step up to zaheer’s shoes?

q’s- will the prodigy kid of captain cool- SIR  r. jadeja continue his dream run from the recent one day series with england and take it one level up to the kangaroos or get back to old state of being mocked by countless-hopeless countrymen?


recent form


q’s- will sachin tendulkar settle the 100th ton havoc series’ outmissed chance with the aussies?

q’s- most importantly: will india’s inability to play good length bouncers and short pitched balls be exposed?

india vs bouncers

india vs bouncers

it may all come down to one question: how green is the grass on indian wickets? or maybe more to the class of indian test batting line up,but with indian bowling department still struggling for a spark ,a slight fielding improvement in the side is a welcome plus to its armoury but at the end all departments of the game will be tested to breaking point  in the upcoming series.

we can be certain of one thing,alongside suresh raina in the practice nets,lot of others are practicing to duck the odd one and pull the lolly to distance because there may not be many in the gift wraps thrown as a a house warming present by the humble visitors arriving in the last week of feb.

we can adopt to atithi devo bhavah ( treating  visitor to your home like god) or “give no quarter” from the moment go in the series or a bit of both.this is the time to prove our mettle.

#meanwhile sachin tendulkar showing keen interest in music ,inaugrations and other hobbies to relax his overly – pressurizing and mentally taxing life – good shot sir!! 😀

sachin inaugrating

junkmans’ conclusion – with constancy of yuvraj,dhoni,sachin being fixed as predicted or unpredicted, the only real tug of war will be between the new guys and a rope  pulling their guts out of their skins and showing their long awaited potential along with their right to be in the international squad.

junkmans’ test squad score card on readiness – fielding -(2.5/3),bowling- (1.5/3),batting- (2/3), extra (1/1) for tendulkar effect.

total junkmans’ score-7/10.if sir r.jadeja fires well,we can add extra 0.5 to bowling & batting combined,taking the score to 7.5/10.if we get critical with bowling and expects r.jadeja to fail we deduct 0.5 extra and 0.5. from bowling card making score to – 6.5/10

junkmans’ comments – this analysis is reasonable and hopeful.




cricket review

cricket review



Junkman’s movie review – the avengers

the storyteller

statutory warnings-spoilers,explicit language.

so here’s the deal,

marvel comics’ avengers is a superhero dream team,assembled by nick fury (samuel L jackson)-head of S.H.I.E.L.D.(another secret organisation,among the already blah millions of those working in the usa/hollywood movies),in simple terms he is more like a manager who can hardly manage superpowered cowboys,so they have the iron man,ofcouse,who couldn’t have guess, the movie- iron mans’ success is the reason that this one is out on grand payperview,& they have the hulk,who is more like the saviour of more than half of the sensible action sequence,they have the demi god thor,another superhero from outer space planet,good looking,but no girlfriend,runs around proclaming himself as the protector of earth with his hathoda (hammer),
and then.. they have this guy called,captain america,who is a “superhero”,okay! lets see, he cant fly,he needs a fucking parachute to jump,he has a shield that he uses for defence,he is not quick,he is not superbrained,he has no superlaser or any super vision in his eyes,or an offensive body mechanism or to a desperate measure-even a body spasm,that should qualify him as superhero,naah! this guy is more like a supersoldier,but he runs around with his vintage costume that his grandma bought him decades ago,he calls himself captain,as if!?.. crap! now everybody has to call him captain on board,not because he is captain,but his name is captain!! thats his first name now!
also,there’s some story about him being found on ice,they keep on repeating this in the movie,its nothing important and just eats the movie footage,cause he is not contributing anything to the team except panicking & asking others what to do,they should go here & there to stop a crisis! he is a crisis himself!

then there’s agent,black widow( scarlett johansson),super hot,crazy wachko martial arts skill,intelligent, and there’s hawkeye,more like a “teer-kamaan man” (bow-arrow man),so teer-kamaan man is loosely inspired from john rambo, he is a super agent,with his explosives stuffed in his teer-kamaan,he runs around with super accurate aims,he is still better that captn. america,as he carries no hopes with him to the audience level,he is shit! whereas captn. america is super shit!

okay so team is complete,which is far from graceful than the x-men or the dc- comics’ justice league…

now the crisis– so every super hero team needs a crisis,in this case its the Tesseract’s power on earth,which is nothing but like the transformers’ cube,it can open time portal,its has infinite power, thats all you can get to know about it,in the movie.

the villian– loki,thor’s brother,outer space planet god,wants to control earth(like every other bad guy),carries a super stick which makes him superpowered, he wants to use this cube like thing to unleash his army on earth.

the army– this army is a wannabe deceptacons(from transformers),their description is not clear,they are not enough detailed on colour,texture,madewith material,spacebeing classification,so its a turn off! they do have a big caterpillar, and flying open planes with “the army in it”.the army concept is not so clear,its not really thrilling to watch, for which you have waited all long 2 hours.

the final battle stand flaws

*teer-kamaan man,black widow,captn. are all fighting in open, middle of ground,with no protection, no cover,as you can get to see in the movie,that this army is attacking from all sides,they stand all along,untouched,black widow has gone too far with her skills,and teer- kamaan man is standing in open,never locked on by any of “the army”.

*where the fuck is the united states army?? sea marines?? f-22’s f-16’s,paramlilitary,no!! all they will give is the patrolling police cars with fat cops & tiny handguns.

*shield- overrides all protocols,is running the show,running the world,is super-most in command,no role of president,or international peace keeping forces(as shield is a peace keeper org.),this was also a turn off! no multi-level involvement is shown,except the cameramen & news people.

* hulk is shown too powerful in his first face off in the battle.

the things to notice

*iron man is their teams’ jack of all trades,he is intelligent,gizmo freak,superskilled.

*story has a lot of decourse at times, un interesting backgrounds,unwanted people,not successful to harness emotions at different points.

*captn. is the black sheep of the group,he is an embarrassment to the title-superhero.

*faceoff of superheros’ with each other is stil better.

so,ten point analysis for this superhero action movie-

2-background story,2-crisis,2-overall action,2-vilian,2- final showdown

they get-

1-story,1-crisis,1-overall action,1-villian,1-final showdown & additional 0.5 for hulk’s final scenes.

so 5.5/10-is junkmans’ rating.

comments-one time watch,dont be so hopeful,this analysis is critical,

* kyunki mere paise barbaad ho gaye*(my 45% percent ticket cost is down the drain).