Meeting Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar- A story (also Wishing him a very happy 41st Birthday : )



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From The out of business,

I wish sachin tendulkar, a very Happy Birthday in the year of 2014 and put this narration as a conveyance of my best & warmest wishes to him and his family.

I dedicate this to all his Die heart fans! who have followed him, who have prayed day in and out & those who have dreamt –

of Meeting Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Please! share with atleast 41 other sachin fans on his 41st birthday.


I hope he reads it someday but firstly I Hope your reading is worthed. 

Please do share with others.

thanks. 🙂


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God bless  Sachin.




one among a billion fans.



The Master


Sometimes shall wind such blow,
when memories kindle within then flow
old pages flutter & stow -

when the great one orchestrates,
in arena heaven befalls,
A midget rather not in spirits,
like a master of them all.
like a leader of all souls.

A man of great will & willow.
& fewer his words, them better be.
but sings along the whole world.
bow down to knees some broke.

He so humble, rather not his competence.
like a master of ground green he dictates,
a leader, commanding their very souls.
He the truth, looming afore curtains,
A man ,standing common yet grand.
eloquent herald of sports, now we understand.
A soft-spoken man from India
of honesty, of conduct, & genius is certain.
looming afore golden haze,giant worldly curtains.


As generous rather not to opponents.
Like a tiger ,fierce & intent.
& more the silence better be.
With a heavy wood he commands them.
like a leader of all souls.

when lesser world would remember,
wear back to yards he strolled.
to simulate the bliss then befalled.
A midget,rather not who saw him.
Like a giant among us all.
Like a saint among all souls.
like a
" master "
Master :SRT

Master :SRT