you’re something, something wrong.

you’re the microphone, wired to wrong speakers.
I sing a melody,It emits a cacophony.
I narrate my ethos, it sounds out pathos.
I converge few opinions,it splinters into billions.

you’re the Cable box,wired to bad TV.
I tune sports with remote,it always shifts to emote.
I turn comedy for laughter, it loses volume & thereafter.
I choose picturesque & panorama, It throws talk shows & melodrama.

you’re the smart phone,updated to bad soft-wares.
They’re jelly-friendly & bean-easy,Ginger bread is extra cheesy.
you’re the twitter bird, tweeting to bad trends.
They are chirping to chirps,they are burping to burps.

you’re the lone live wire,insatiable for the negative bend.
you’re the ‘danger’ caution board,on the verge of a shocking end.
you’re the barb wire cutting all,through blades in it’s selfie.
you’re the merciless touch, charring innocent to its meltie.




Vishu Mishra


You're something, something wrong

You’re something, something wrong

A Trance of Delight

Middle of nowhere, on desert mound,
I was a white cloud- amid hottest day.
Devoured by the arrows of savage sunrays,
& gangs of sand storm, robbing my soul away.

I was a tiny scorpion –blackened,
By the heat of everyday & rolling away,
A savior knight, the oasis obstructed,
my helpless way, then it melts away.
It percolated through my cloudy soul,
an overwhelmed mist, I was then whole.
a black cloud pouring rain; trance commiserates.

Then music explodes, then percussion punctuates.
Surrounding evanesced, progression takes away.
Like a bird’s first flight, like a full moon night.
I was in delight; my ipod, my bike.
That longing thirst seems so ephemeral;
As soon it hits play, reality fades away.

a trance of delight : music..

a trance of delight : music..