The Kite Koncept

The kite flies best with a thread attached to it

Elaboration – when a kite gets dis-entangled from its thread and eventually its source. It takes a sudden leap into the air and levitates much higher. While it flies and floats around with more degrees of freedom,though for a short time .It then begins to drop without control and crashes into the ground.

On contrary,when it is held by the thread, it rises though slowly and steadily but it touches the sky with full control of its direction. when the kite hits the peak it gets stable and its pinnacle is reached. Now it can hover left and hover right and enjoy the limitlessness of non-obstruction.It gracefully returns to its source at the end of the day.


Parallel -Like that  kite, we must keep our progress and endeavors with a moral thread attached to our backgrounds. Then only, we can truly rise higher with full control of our lives. It is like that kite that we can rise from our sources and touch the sky,then we can return to our very source gracefully. while, those who leap out of their ground reality and gets lost into the infinity of non-obstruction and falsehood. Initially, the clouds and skies seem to pose an uplift into their decisions but soon after, they start dropping steeply to the alien grounds and then they are never able to return to their source or life nor they can get a chance to start again for the same.


Conclusion -Sometimes a seeming obstruction is rather a necessary hindrance



The Kite Koncept

The Kite Koncept

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A shiny chalice, filled to neck.
Gleaming –golden,liquid unknown.
Of all pours in, concord to masses,
A stinking mix, of swill and heck.

Them talk so full of banal,
Their words cliché, response so anal.
Their wisdom –borrowed, from the wise.
their passions –grow, with no device.

dabbles with -a paintbrush, a sports, a journal,
Disparity in-good soul & materialistic infernal.
them smile & sync, to please the power,
they mould to mint ,the cheese of hour.

Persona militates ,our divine aura,
Dilettantism contaminates , artistic fora.
Put price tags on things to value,
Those sycophants, bend down to sell you.

I rather keep their kind in mind,
I rather have them did their time,
I would have warned, If I were there,
I see you baffled, to (their) rusted-flair.

Of all things done, to social proofing.
Their life on showcase, open to goofing.
Why I must stall, my frivolous banter,
Un-mask-their plain , pathetic-self.
Must truly warn, like a social mentor.
to save originale of this cancer.

BY: vishu mishra

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