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 Review :This particular poem is one of my most favorite & finest of creations. It’s written to inspire, encourage and amplify people’s belief in themselves. I hope the readers rekindle their passions & follow their heart towards their dreams.
I have faith! that once you’re done reading this aloud & repeatedly, ( not sermonizing!) a positive effect will bind you and we shall connect as a writer & a reader.Hopefully!, my message will get through and so will my expressions.

I hope on the day, september 23 of autumnal equinox, our mind and heart gets into a balance like day and night. We find the purpose of our lives and realize the self in our being.

 It’s aimed to revive the skills & confidence of a person.


Dedication & Inspiration : This poem is inspired from the original screenplay of movie series ‘Rocky’ . It greatly draws motivation from the struggles, self-identification and self-belief of the character Rocky Balboa played by stalwart actor Sylvester Stallone.


Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa

Further, it draws inspiration from the title song‘ measure of a man’ sung by legend Sir Elton John. It aims to extrapolate and re-inforce the ideals & motif intended at the virtues of ‘being a man’ or ‘being yourself’. I hope this poem adds tribute to the respectable art work of the great actor/director and latter but no less, the king of melody.

Sir Elton John on piano

Sir Elton John on piano

 It is dedicated to all the people, artists, dancers, actors, singers,dreamers and everyone who has fond dreams to be someone .All those who are struggling to find their touch to inner self. All those who believe in living by being themselves.All those who have faced impeccable odds to overcome difficulties, yet hold the thought that one lives best by being himself.

song lyrics- measure of a man, movie : rocky v

song lyrics- Measure of a Man, Movie : Rocky V

 At-last but for most, this poem is also a dedication to my Late. brother Vikesh Kumar. His life as an artist and as a pursuant of his dreams, is a great inspiration to me and people who knew him. I hope every person born with a divine spark, shall find ability to search his light within himself by being himself. I and vikesh were greatly inspired by the work of ‘rocky’ series and the song lyrics of ‘measure of a man’ .There have been endless discussions around it. This poem is my personal dedication to those discussions, moments and ideas. In those memory is this picture below, we both really loved  it as a projection of the whole ‘being rocky’ idea 🙂

sylvester stallone as rocky

sylvester stallone as rocky


Vikesh Kumar- Artist (Actor,dancer,writer)

Late. Vikesh Kumar- Artist (Actor,dancer,choreographer, writer, dreamer)


If you wish to know more, Pay your peace and tribute at:

1. Vikesh Kumar, FB profilehttps://www.facebook.com/indomitable.vikesh

2. Vikesh Kumar, FB community : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vikesh-Kumar/330576050403639


Please don’t forget! – to read slow, read aloud,read repeatedly and acknowledge the punctuation well! .
 it’s purposefully structured ,to bring the best with all above considerations.
 Enjoy vocalizing the rhyme aloud ! 🙂


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Sink feet in sand, goes head deluge.
a broken heart, can no more lose.
a share of voices, pell-mell but god.
if fond took flight, but wings aren’t bright.




bonded to chains,of a thoughtful tomorrow.
bereaved by passions, devoured by notions.
sometimes a spark,  kindles & delight.
sometimes breathing; in midnight silence,
i grow wings in the realize.




Angels of passion,rescue my dawn.
I touch a fire, & desires un-pawned.

churned & mustered, give strength to cope.
from brighter sun, to a dusk of hope.

in the solstice moon, i sit &  surmise.
smile gauge upon aureole, a moonish charmise.




In hearts of heart, where no lovers reach.
In the gist of soul, a conscientious belief.
In the drift of mind, it’s one of a kind.
In the red hot blood, to ashes & mud.




I know, I realize, I act in now.
In silence of seconds, along shall i measure.
when world’s upon chaos, In technicolor shall savor.

to breathe in beyond- opinions, mirage & bereave.
the moments i am myself, just believe in me.




them moments get inserted, in life & people.
where truth rekindles,unshackle it levitates.
&wings turn bright, they flutter & re-create.

it’s so surreal, i surmise.
like moonish charm, so bright.




Delighted & en-lighted, i hover on sand.
engulf-ed in belief & gloved in identity.
nothing fits so well, when i wore myself.
just believe in moments, when i turn myself.


By: Vishu Mishra

First draft: 23-09-2014

I Am Myself

I Am Myself

I silently

Like a bird humming its sunset rhymes,
I sit above my nesty edge,
Uncaring to the wind, the cold, the sunshine.
Just shy below my overwhelm.
Just hard to sing my melody,
Yet doleful yet deep yet silenty.

laconic I jump to chanting chorus,
throbbing heartbeats be drumbeats like.
And lack all the subtle touch,
Of fineness, of excellence of poetry yet,
Deep within my sober rhyme.
Lies a wishful fantasy,
Just hard to sing my melody,
Yet so doleful yet deep yet silently.

Of all be done but expression to love,
Acushla to the love that echoes away,
Desserted, unruly, like free will.
I poach the blood from the middle chest,
To drench the love that feebles away.

Oh! Dear nostalgia-
The moments, to were to wishful be,
To you,the prayers, like ever be.
I dreamt of a sunrise untraversed,
By the world, the people, but nature,
And you and me by the dawning sun.
Give a subtle touch to melody,
Of wishful fools,I aspired to be.
To love be perfect, in my dreams like be.
I scribble, I scribble ,I silenty..

I silently..

I silently..




by : vishu mishra

date: 21-02-2013



Ponder shall i,till forever.

ponder shall i,till forever.

if shall not for the half awoken dreams,
if shall not seen calling arms of thee,
i shall not be awoken of this daydreams,
i shall never have written but ponder that,
i would always be like you,i must hold back.
i will never be able to say but ponder,
and ponder shall i,till forever.

i am awake,i am alive,i feel.
of best of thoughts noted but never said,
of best of times waited but never be,
of best of my destiny still waited to be,
i will never be able to say but ponder,
and ponder shall i,till forever.

when the moment is high up,
and up on the horizon,
and the rushing blood,begins to flow off sleeves,
i shall muster those expressions that shall do it,
and everything unwanted i orchestrate,
i will never be able to say but ponder,
and ponder shall i,till forever.

i would sit in the odd hours,i derieve,
i would manage to metalize in my techno beats,
and when i manage to skip the moment,
and thoughfullness most prominent,
into the best of actions i could not give,
and everything unwanted i orchestrate,
of best of destiny still waited to be,
i will never be able to say but ponder,
and ponder shall i,till forever.

by:vishu mishra