My Cussing Prelude Oh WOW! This page is nothing like those poop-skudoop posts, where u have to break your thumb and keep clicking NEXT! just to view that 1 photo per page.

All in one here. why??  because Its a creative blog {Angry face: blue-blistering-barnacles ,cuss of Captain Haddock}.

..and not some effing infomercial disguised as creativity LOL


I have tried humor with a bunch of topics. Let’s see if it makes you laugh a bit or encourages you to even share this among your friends with a  new ‘nudge-nudge, wink-wink ‘ fillip.


Just Ten  Memes to start with. Here we go-



#1 For all those stalkers , who never talk to you on chat-screens or even give heed to your presence on the internet. They just keep  around to stalk your DP’s,  cover photo’s , Selfies i.e. by either latching enviously  & hoping that you turn either fat and dull one day or keep their click-pads ready ,to save your pictures in their secret vaults. Here’s how you may take them ‘bulls by horn’. Go ahead and make this your DP for a day!



#2  Remember those LAN gaming days ! Enthused with endless hours of gaming. This is what could have actually happened to you if you din’t have a Monday to attend some work. This picture below is what happened to a boy in USA who kept playing for a month. It’s true, am not joking!


counter strike meme


#3 If we could actually turn so smart with smartphones and get globally competent with internet. If i were the PM,I would do a Harlem Shake ;the moment i could finish all other problems and focus singularly on digitalising my nation. But I can only ..Sigh! & Face-palm!

digital india



#4  Retrospective  or Retrograde? – By the end of 20th century everything shrunk. Even the stages of young life, childhood went missing on Internet Error #404 (not found )and boyhood was leaping strides into adulthood. It’s like an Iron quenched too fast too bad. If i could tell these kids everything about 90’s. It was childhood’s final stand against an invading 21st century!


Finding childhood


#5  You can always suffer with the delightful company of these friends! They will calorie count everything, keep IOS calorie counting applications ready in their mobiles. They will drink green tea like their life depends on it, refuse sweets like its poison, disown oily food & try to balance everything like  christian bale playing American Psycho.

Except! they will always keep sedentary lifestyles, keep up with weekend alcoholism & party glutton. They will never get up early to run or hit the gym regularly.By the end of  year! their energy balance sheet is in surplus & insolvent,their health knowledge database is still restricted to tips & magazine fads with commercially biased monologues and their new year resolution is back to square one. Hey! you still look the same.

Kermit The Snitch



#6 The Lollers – I just hate them. Those Mo-F#%^&R@. They LOL at everything,while texting and vocally as well! Tell them your best joke and you will never know if what you said is even funny! Aren’t they too laid back and full of themselves?

This Meme-way should be meted out to them,isn’t it?




#7 The Metabolic Beings – On one hand, i crave for things i just can’t eat because i get fat. Then there are  these people, who can eat just about everything in wholesome amount. They either make fun of me or crib about their falling weight. I rather doubt if they will ever gain!





#8  The world is literally consuming the pathos in Africa and poverty of other nations. It has perverted so much that recently a new term was coined to flak all these self-congratulatory NGO enthusiasts . These critics asked them to stop making a ‘poverty Porn’ out of African culture and others.

These  people want to pose with them and show the world what they are upto. They start by stealing a barrel of their Nature’s juice  and payback through a tiny dripper. It will never suffice in that manner. So ,stop trying to help or Help but don’t show to the world that your trying! Let the smart african kid tell you- ‘In your face’



#9 The Dog Awwer Girl- This is to remind the Dog awwing girls on social network that the real dogs are laughing on them.The only way to find out is to find out!

Check out what the Hustling Husky has to say-

Pun Dog


#10 The Cat Connection – When the digital world shall be doomed  then cat videos will revive it. No matter what you do on social network or any mass broadcasting center. If you know this golden rule you can always bank on it ,  even in your most desperate times. When nothing sells, cat memes & cat videos Shall! Touche’

Million dollar question – If required, would a cat really care for you?

sad cat


Meme Art - #1 Miscellaneous Humor

Meme Art – #1 Miscellaneous Humor


Vishu Mishra


Junkman’s cricket review – tugging with the aussies

tugging with the aussies

the storyteller

With indian ground staff more inclined towards making a neutral wicket,the upcoming home test series with the aussies will be a tough nut to break.

some stats-icc test ratings,team standings.

Team Matches Points Rating
South Africa 32 3965 124
England 41 4825 118
Australia 42 4916 117
Pakistan 29 3148 109
India 37 3879 105
india vs australia a cat-dog fight.

India vs Australia
a cat-dog fight.

the upcoming test series with australia offers 4 test matches to settle bad blood against the best in business and hope for  a marginal improvement in its test ratings.the home soil anticipates turn and damp on the 4th and 5th day.hence, indian spinners will have busy days and testing times ahead,lot of shoe laces at lot times more will  need to be tied up by the likes of regular spinners -such as harbhajan singh, r.ashwin.

australia’s current test form:-

1st Test

14–18 December 2012
450/5d (131 overs)
v  Sri Lanka
336 (109.3 overs)
 Australia won by 137 runs

2nd Test

26–30 December 2012
Sri Lanka 
156 (43.4 overs)
v  Australia
460 (134.4 overs)
 Australia won by an innings and 201 runs

3rd Test

3–7 January 2013
 Sri Lanka
294 (87.4 overs)
v Australia 
432/9d (107 overs)
 Australia won by 5 wickets

however,for india-the recent test match with england turned out to be an eye opener with its turning wicket favouring the visitors  to victory. The dwell with pakistan gave a quick crash course in bowling department,both spinning lessons and fast bowling lessons

.the general commotion in the top order with the retirement of rahul dravid, vvs laxman has cracked up the indian defence line and upcoming indian pacers or rather indian version of pace bowlers need to pump up to explode their wrath and match evenly with the aussian class of  pace attack.

junkmans’ money on for this series – virat kohli, cheteshwar pujara,r.ashwin,b.kumar.

q’s- will the gentle giant ishant sharma and only swing no sling bhuvaneshwar kumar step up to zaheer’s shoes?

q’s- will the prodigy kid of captain cool- SIR  r. jadeja continue his dream run from the recent one day series with england and take it one level up to the kangaroos or get back to old state of being mocked by countless-hopeless countrymen?


recent form


q’s- will sachin tendulkar settle the 100th ton havoc series’ outmissed chance with the aussies?

q’s- most importantly: will india’s inability to play good length bouncers and short pitched balls be exposed?

india vs bouncers

india vs bouncers

it may all come down to one question: how green is the grass on indian wickets? or maybe more to the class of indian test batting line up,but with indian bowling department still struggling for a spark ,a slight fielding improvement in the side is a welcome plus to its armoury but at the end all departments of the game will be tested to breaking point  in the upcoming series.

we can be certain of one thing,alongside suresh raina in the practice nets,lot of others are practicing to duck the odd one and pull the lolly to distance because there may not be many in the gift wraps thrown as a a house warming present by the humble visitors arriving in the last week of feb.

we can adopt to atithi devo bhavah ( treating  visitor to your home like god) or “give no quarter” from the moment go in the series or a bit of both.this is the time to prove our mettle.

#meanwhile sachin tendulkar showing keen interest in music ,inaugrations and other hobbies to relax his overly – pressurizing and mentally taxing life – good shot sir!! 😀

sachin inaugrating

junkmans’ conclusion – with constancy of yuvraj,dhoni,sachin being fixed as predicted or unpredicted, the only real tug of war will be between the new guys and a rope  pulling their guts out of their skins and showing their long awaited potential along with their right to be in the international squad.

junkmans’ test squad score card on readiness – fielding -(2.5/3),bowling- (1.5/3),batting- (2/3), extra (1/1) for tendulkar effect.

total junkmans’ score-7/10.if sir r.jadeja fires well,we can add extra 0.5 to bowling & batting combined,taking the score to 7.5/10.if we get critical with bowling and expects r.jadeja to fail we deduct 0.5 extra and 0.5. from bowling card making score to – 6.5/10

junkmans’ comments – this analysis is reasonable and hopeful.




cricket review

cricket review