Plant A Tree Challenge

So, this is a very noble initiative taken up through positive discussions with friends. I hope my coterie, all colleagues and noble followers of this blog will step up and try this challenge.It is very noble in nature and grants immense satisfaction at personal level.

More or less it is fun filled, recreational in nature and also gives an excuse to click a Selfie i.e. Plant Selfie. Do all this and also save the environment, everyone is a winner!

It’s inspired from the popular Ice bucket challenge, we name it – ‘Plant A Tree Challenge’

Although, it is to note that we are planting a sapling here and not transferring a growing plant/tree from it’s embedded location! (please don’t do that! ). The phrase ‘tree challenge’ is captioned to cohere & support ubiquitous drives on environmental conservation.

It can be done in simple steps

  • Get a fresh Sapling and find suitable ambiance to embed it.
  • Make a video of your job and take a picture with your plant.
  • Challenge five good friends to take up this task, name them in this video.
  • Viral this video in your circle/clique through all major social handles- Watsapp,Facebook,Instagram,twitter,youtube.
  • Use your ‘Plant Selfie’ as Profile picture/Display Picture/Cover Photo/wall photo- on Facebook,Watsapp,Instagram & etcectra.
  • Caption your picture and use suitable hash-tags to spread green awareness.

Here’s our first video as Example

Watch and Learn from this video,as genesis man Sharad  plants the first sapling in this effort.

Please watch the video with Annotations

Once,your done with the video, you may click your Plant -Selfie and post it everywhere with suitable Hash-Tags!


Plant Tree Challenge- Sharad Maheshwari, Count-1

Plant Tree Challenge- Sharad Maheshwari, Count-1

Ideas on captions & Hastags– You may choose it as per your liking, I would just like to mention here some templates to put through my ideas. If i were to do it for the above picture, I would employ as per below:-


Examples on Captions

  • Plant tree Revolution, Plant tree Challenge, My first Plant, Save the Nature, A Green world, Bringing back to Nature, Ecology restored,One more plant,Feeling Greener & etcectra.


Examples for usable Hash-tags

  • your name, your plant’s common name,  plant’s name given by you, plant counter, your challenger.
  • General tags- planttreechallenge, plantselfie, plantcounter,environment,ecology,greenearth &etcectra.


Captions, Hash-tags & Nomenclature

So, If Sharad would post his video or selfie on social networks. He can employ caption & Hashtags such as-

: Plant Tree Challenge, #sharadmaheshwari #mango(common name of plant) #monty (his name for his plant) #count1 (first plant in series) #planttreechallenge #plantselfie #plantcounter #environment #greenearth


Now, since am challenged in the video. This is how I will employ caption & Hashtags to my plant’s video/selfie-

:Feeling greener, #vishumishra (my name) #Challengersharad (name of my challenger) #redrose (common name of plant) #count2 (add 1 to count of challenger) #rocky (name I gave to my plant) #planttreechallenge #plantselfie #plantcounter #environment #greenearth


Further,suppose If I challenge a person named ‘John Mathews’. This is how John might caption & Hash-tag his video/selfie-


:My first Plant, #johnmathews (his name) #challengervishu(name of his challenger), #count3 (add 1 to the count of challenger) #raspberry(common name of plant) #symphony (name he gave to his plant)  #planttreechallenge #plantselfie #plantcounter #environment #ecology.


Now, if i need to reverse the process and identify the chain’s Origin or any node through this. All i need to do is look for the hash-tagged challenger and reduce the count by 1. Therefore, I will reach the challenger with one less count. The challenger’s challenger can be known from his hash-tags and then you can look for his posts with reducing the count by one.


e.g. John Mathews’ video –  challenger is Vishu & count is 3 , look for Vishu and reduce count by 1.

Vishu Mishra’s video- Challenger is Sharad, count is 2, Look for Sharad & reduce the count by 1.

Sharad Maheshwari’s Video – Challenger is None i.e. origin of the chain, Count is 1, do not dwell further.


So, we know that  the challenge between Sharad, vishu & john has lead to planting of three sapling. We know they are Mango,Red Rose & Raspberry along with their pet assigned names.


This way, it is easy to identify the connecting people in the chain, track back to chain origin/any node in the challenge & learn about the number of saplings planted through this recreational activity. It is pragmatic to say that not everyone will follow this process but it is always better to articulate the process.


Next Step

what do you do after you have posted your video & Plant selfie with all captions & Hashtags?

  • Go to the Twitter Handle- Plant counter & follow it to Add in total plant count. @plantcounter
  • Post your Plant Selfie to our Twitter Handle- Plant Selfie & Get Retweeted. @plantselfie
  • Follow our Mission on Twitter Handle- Plant Tree Challenge & Retweet to your group.@treechallenge
  • Write about your experience, suggesstion & ideas on contribution to environment to We will post your positive ideas on our Facebook page for others to read and get inspired.
  • Join Our Facebook Page– and share our updates to further our mission and Ideas.
  • Send us you video Links & URL’s, we will try to post it to our youtube channel-


Do’s & Don’ts

  • If you are living in a concrete jungle & cannot manage a suitable spot for your sapling. Then adopt an already growing plant for maintenance. Snap your Plant Selfie & Spread awareness.
  • Please do not lift & transfer an already growing plant from its embedded position. This will defeat the campaign.
  • Please do not plant a sapling in a hostile environment. Make sure the environment will be healthy for it to grow.
  • If the chosen spot is property to a park,garden or any public avenue. Please take proper permissions to avoid any mis-happenings later on.
  • Please ensure the willingness of your friends before you challenge them. This can help spread the campaign much faster than otherwise.
  • Try to herald the ethics of the campaign, sincerity in your message and need for an environmental awareness.
  • Make use of all given social nodes to spread your message with your video/selfie. Persuade your public circle and clique to participate.




You can also Employ these Handles





  • After planting your sapling, Add to the Plant Counter which helps to keep track of new plants added in this mission. Follow :-:- , search – @plantcounter


Good luck & Godspeed.


Plant Tree Challenge

Plant Tree Challenge

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