My E-Books

Dear Reader,

I will timely compile short e-books for your avid reading. They shall be freely available to read and download in the flash widget, afixed at the right corner.

Currently available books are

1. Captain Jack’s – Pirate Training for Arms ( Released :Aug 24, 2015, Amazon Kindle, Link :*Version*=1&*entries*=0# )

2. ‘Beauty,youth & a beautiful Mind : An insight into the urban blights of our age‘ – – Download this dossier. It includes  book trailer & resume of other information.  The book will be released on Jan ,10  2016. it is currently available for pre-order. 

  •, Japan users can refer the amazon website with book details or author name :

Please drop by and pour in your valuable comments/suggestions & reviews about my books. Please share with others and spread the word.

Thanks and cheers!

My E-books

Blog Author : Vishu Mishra

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