Sushant Singh – Burning Brighter than Bollywood

Sushant Singh: Burning Brighter than Bollywood

By: VM, #wordvm
July 1st, 2020



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 “May lord bring peace to his soul, his loved ones and his wonderful, absolutely wonderful, such loving and passionate fans… Just like him in true image…”


At the onset, I want to say that I resisted from drafting my views. But, there is something tremendously beautiful and abysmally tragic about Sushant Singh Rajput. It compels you to come out and reveal yourself. You don’t know him, but something keeps pushing this energy in your gut; up towards the universe. You are battling, but eventually, you have to reveal your emotions about him. The more I read about him, the more I realize that he had a beautiful mind and was a beautiful human being. He was probably too bright for Bollywood. These may be my personal views over him, but I know that I do resonate with millions today. The fire and shock that rose up on the day of his death, hasn’t settled down in all of us. The fire is persistent, why? Maybe because there is something terrible, something grotesque, some monster lurking in those concrete jungles of Bollywood and the art industry at large. One of the few remaining good men faced it and got sacrificed to altars. Probably, to shake us out of complacence and make us stop to think and act –

“Bollywood is the only industry where they can make anyone a star, or a roadside struggler to become a Hero.”

This is a famous cliché proverb, used in Bollywood time and again. I think this is the root of all problems. When a group of few are peddling this drug of abstract hope and pathways, things are bound to stay centralized in few men. It is an instrument that has a huge potential for systematic exploitation. Too powerful to trust in private hands and hands of few.

Is the path broken, is the system broken or is it purposefully left that way? While the most perplexing professions and most niche fields have a set professional pathway with the onset of the 21st century. Why are some professions such as these, left to the mystical journey of each and to his own?

If the road to el-dorado or the city of gold was discovered at the same time as Bollywood or when Indian music industry took its first flight – Am sure there be more processes, standards, regulations, and purview of transparency guiding an excavator to where the fondest of hearts go lurking for the ultimate. Even if it is madness or maddeningly tough, every madness has a method.
How many Sushant’s have to be ignored, left out, die or go back home broken-hearted, perplexed about themselves, and about their own fate at the sudden death of an otherwise growing career. Since when is hard work and talent not enough in any industry in the world. If an industry keeps proving the same, and few and far, rather once in 30-40 years a commoner rises to fame; it is an indication of the rusted bridges and broken roads that are left as traps and mazes. They must be demolished to make the new ones.
Now, it feels even those few and far ones will be crushed through organized chaos and robust, well-set conspiracy templates. These are some of the questions that will stain our minds for years to come and remain to be solved by many. Those many are yet to start their journey or hit their professional peaks eventually. These questions are inescapable – whether you are an audience, professional, or a collective conscience of the nation as a whole. Keeping silent or acquainting to ignorance is not a great strategy.

This precedence creates the mafia, admitted to by many insiders on media records. Then why is there no suo-motu action by the governments? This laughs us in the face, this salutes and strengthens oligarchy, and this holds the growth of art in a nation and modern world, almost at ransom to the will and fancy of the few powerful men; hiding behind the veil of custodianship. The debate is not whether Sushant had the right amount of emotional quotient or not. It is about how the fingers point to the sufferer of the system and not to the system itself. Till when will we romanticize with the broken pathways to stardom, why is there a need to poeticize the poverty and misery of struggling artists? And the few incompetents, who stand on the other side of the island laughing, while holding the only little boat and ropes for mooring to the destination on that island. Probably, the only mercy falling from their shrewd and silent lips, are to the demise of the generation heartthrobs like – Sushants, Jiahs and Parveens.

Professionally, a person like Sushant Singh Rajput can shake any superstar out complacence. It can happen just by taking a review of his silent and passionate work ethics. His work, his aspirations, his dreams speak volumes about him and explain his multi-dimensional personality. Clear to even those who never followed him or watched his films.

There has to be an undeniable truth about this person, which makes the yearnings for him persistent with all of us.
“The truth can never be insulted or pawned. It can only rebound back to destroy the false narratives.
These false narratives are personified in the form of the sub-standard cliques of men and women at the helm of the situation. Why are we so emotional, what is this agony?
Somewhere the truth rises from within and sticks to the roof of our throats. It needs to come out. It is only appalling of media, why an issue that deserves the best of investigative journalism and reporting, has been reduced to the indifference of men, who are only bothered about TRPs and sensationalism. Respected professions like mass media must never be a slave to money and limelight. It is an integral pillar of the nation. Anyone who chooses to do that is losing an opportunity to carve his name in the immortal wave of national contributions, against petty and short-sighted gains. The media must also take a revolution from within and criticize the rots, rise up into their oaths, and save the day.

I can say this without any doubt, that a person such as Sushant cannot commit suicide. He has too much to chase, too many dreams to fulfill, and too many scenarios in life. He was a man of science. A man of science deals with scenarios and knows that there are many aspects to a problem and many kinds of solutions to a situation. The narrative that he was depressed and suicidal, is too simplistic. Probably, one of the blunt and vain attempts by the mediocre and scheming minds of Bollywood. It reflects in their crude explanations about his death. The Sushant Singh Rajput murder mystery is the biggest case of Bollywood and one of the biggest in the nation in the 21st century. There is something so personal about this case for all of us, that we want the justice and punishment with furious anger.

‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’ ~ Martin Luther King

Some thoughts have come to my mind, which I would l like to share at this forum. It is for all of us to introspect and then decide for ourselves. Deciding for ourselves is even more important than making noise or creating a buzz. So please attend to the below:

‘Our conscience is the highest court of Justice’ ~ MK Gandhi

  • Focus on the movement: Do we want to give a shape to this movement or perish into abstract noises that fade away with time. The reason being that the antagonist is powerful, it will persist. We must understand that this battle will not take months but years. Are we ready?
    The effort and commitment by everyone needs to be persistent towards seeking justice for Sushant Singh Rajput.
  • Implementations-

Are we using too many hashtags, do we need to fix them to a few and spread them across the board towards a focused hammering of sleeping authorities.

Do we want to make noise, or focus on specific truth and trust on loud, repetitive voices over it?

What is our objective: Solving murder mystery of Sushant or ending nepotism in Bollywood or destroying star kids? These three are different – the first one is specific, the other is an issue of society and the third one is a personal attack or a debate of ‘inequity of rich’. We can only solve one at a time and we need to focus and refrain from indulging our fondness to troll or solve bigger issues. I think we should stick to the murder mystery of Sushant. If that is solved, other large and subjective issues will be positively resolved.

What are the facts?: If anyone wants to read facts, is there a single consolidated universal document that someone can read in 10 mins and know everything about Sushant, if not then let us create it.
It must include prima facie of the case and compelling arguments. Or are we relying on the mercy of few platforms on social media, interlocutions, gossips, and media to survive them in refractions of subjective views through a fading prism of time and deliberations? Let us collate it before the wave dies out and the sand is scattered to various dead pockets of the internet.

To whom are we appealing? : We must remember, we are dealing with an organized cartel. The funding, producers, directors, group of actors, powerful families, money cycles, paid glamour and mainstream media, and sections of public enforcement and machinery, including mafia, even doctors and hospitals as alleged by many. It’s a super organic cluster or a super monster that personified in the form of modern networking or nexus of a few fallen beings. One must know, monsters can be of various forms – it is not always made of teeth, horns, groans, and grotesque faces. Sometimes, it is made of smiles, selective and strategic silences, false narratives, and a lot of pretty-looking faces. It is the whole shebang of money, influences, mobsters, and paid media narratives. We must not make the mistake of underestimating the powers of antagonist.

“ never underestimate the evil and greed of other men” ~ Scarface, Al Pacino

Mass platforms: Our sources can only be –social media, Facebook live discussions, personal platforms, robust public appeal systems: Written complaint to PMO, email complaints to official email addresses, twitter hashtags, Facebook hashtags. Just remember, that official complaints, official email complaints, letter complaints are formal processes and they can’t be neglected in a public system. We must squeeze the juice and make use of all such things available to a commoner.

Personal links: Do you really feel for Sushant? Do you know anyone in your family who can help to fight this organized monstrosity in the art and craft industry? Can he or she help you connect with the right people? Do that for divine good.

‘Fame has fifteen minutes of half-life, infamy lasts a little longer’

  • The larger purpose: What will the justice bring? What will the cussing and downfall of the targeted actors bring? Will it bring back Sushant? All these three questions seem important right now, but from the larger purpose, there are many bigger questions to be answered –

If someone bright, popular, prominent can be supposedly murdered followed up with an opaque closure to the current status. What is the value of the life of a common person in India or someone walking on the street next to you? One needs to feel safe on the streets and live with a ‘right to life and security’, a sense that justice will prevail if tomorrow someone rich and powerful commits a crime against anyone, which may even lead to a loss of your life. If this answer is not solved or grieving millions are not satiated, then the issue has eroded the assurances in the innate fundamental right of national citizenry. One accepts the state of being a common person, but needs to be treated equally before the law and has a right to justice. Therefore, in the national interest, in these mentally and physically and psychologically testing coronavirus times, CBI inquiry with an unwavering leader of the case is a must to bring a glass-like transparency.
CBI inquiry is needed, the case does have a resonance and characteristics of national interest and by definition, the people are the nation, both terms mean the same here. Therefore, it is for the people, demanded by the people of the country. If the government keeps ignoring the plea for CBI inquiry, it will only bring more depression into the minds of young and furious masses, already burdened by the abysmal situations, poverty, unemployment and so many things failing in their aspiring life within an aspiring nation. A purpose that feels as common and needful as this, can aid some manner of hope and empowerment into the life of masses. There is no mistake, it is the voice of common faceless masses, who refuse to die or succumb into the silhouette, refusing to muzzle out or die the death of ignorance, Against the man-less inhuman, deaf and deserted corridors of shrewd and powerful lobbies, that represent the worst of capitalism and social inequity, while keeping to their dapper, makeups, diamond smiles and well-made hair.

  • Revolution starts from the mirror: Look into the mirror, tell to yourself if this cannot happen to you, or to anyone you know, or anyone who has hope to be someone in a higher state of citizenship. If yes, then how can one tell the posterity- to follow the path and see an example? Does one see it in distanced or a deserted road stained by the crimes of rich?
    Face yourself, if you do want to change that for posterity, or will you let go of the hands and the innocent hopeful fresh eyes that see horizon farther than you. If you feel like acting towards the cause, you must act rightfully and righteously. For their sake, to whom hope means everything. Hope is the essence of soul and a fundamental reason to live. It is the spiritual driver of all things. At all times, we must have hope to succeed against odds, prevail under most abject circumstances, perseverance is the passionate story that we tell kids when we teach them in schools, coach them in fields, train them to rise up and achieve greatness. For the sake of that hope and to restore it; is of utmost importance. It is a treasure that we cannot afford to deplete.
    As a nation, we can only prevail and rise, with an environment of hope, that any faceless man from the silhouette can rise from nowhere and reach the top based on hard work and the ecosystem that supports it. The great Indian dream.
  • Duty as an audience: Why are we cussing superstars? Their mediocrity? Their star kids? Who has made them gods and heroes? Etc. who has made them the king of modern times? Who went to the cinema halls by keeping the minds and judgments at home? Who gave away generous reviews to a substandard film? Who spends his hard-earned money on something that is not worth watching? Who is no more seeking quality in cinema and compromising? It is WE!
    The problem starts and ends with us. Without an audience, bad artists cannot prevail despite bought our cinema halls and obnoxious and repetitive advertisements. How many people actually followed Sushant when he was alive? How many actually followed his work, supported his films, choose a cinema hall or theatre for his movies than the other junk they plan in most other multiplexes? How many of us were ignorant to him and other brilliant artists and are constantly drooling over the skins of model turned movie stars, ex-porn stars, and two-dimensional actors.

“Do we earn the 150 Rs by leaving the brains at home? Then why to leave it at home when it comes to spending them on movies? “

We need to support right artists, quality actors, great films so that the kids and posterity can grow into better ascending art forms and cinema, and get out of this mediocre staunch of current times; the sub-standard junk that is leading our minds and collective conscience to a trash bin. It exists in media, movies, and television. This trash bin will influence us and our kids to become second grade, side effects like products of western trash cultures and perverted mindsets, dissenting for noise and not the meaning, vocal but not wise, debate loving but short-sighted.
We need to take the arts and crafts industries in the nation to the cleaners. It is an innate instrument of national image, national narrative and it must be nurtured carefully, and most definitely must not be left in the hands of incompetent fools. Its high time government starts seeing arts and crafts and music, as an integral essence of the idea of nation and must regulate, intervene, nurture, and watch it grow in the right ecosystem. All in all, it must come under the sunshine of lights, the light which helps grow all the other national sectors and men and aspirations, in the right and transparent manner.

‘To remove the fungus, just bring it under the sunlight and it will naturally fade away.’~ Mahatma Gandhi’


  • Is the fight against people or a system: Are we really fighting against some producers, actors, directors, or a system that helps them prevail? At the onset, right now we only want to find the granular truths of Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery. However, in a larger purpose, this case will also shed some light on the system of things. Someone may ask, why Bollywood? Why not politics? Why not other sectors? Well, the answer to this is pretty simple – Every crime, every stink, and every evil has a limit and it has some indicators. From time and again, we have been hearing isolated incidents, stories in disarray. This one incident has hurt the sunshine and truth of cinema – a remarkable young actor. The monster was desperate, it was arrogant, it was uncaring, and it got away many times previously. It came out of the shadows where it stays under a veil that convinces most of us that it doesn’t exist. It came out for Sushant and snapped his pious soul. This monster here of course is a metaphor, it can mean the situation, a group of people, organized mafia, or the psychological or mental assaults that no forensics can measure. The whole thing leads to the loss of Sushant Singh Rajput. Whom I will refer to as an element of holy fire. I say holy fire because he forged it out of his – sheer brilliance, creativity, hard work, honesty, long process, and innocence towards the sense of his craft. Just like the Draupadi vastraharan in Mahabharata, it will an inflection point for the arts and crafts industry in modern Indian history. This has to stop and tables need to turn towards the goodness. The kingdom needs to be cleaned and those who side will evil need to be removed. The lord’s kingdom has to come, replenish and invite the peacocks of arts and crafts to re-populate it from scratch. The revolution must begin. I will leave you a poem of mine for your afterthoughts –


The revolution - Poem




Comedy nights w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶k̶a̶p̶i̶l̶ live : A comedy of ‘egregious’ errors.


comedy nights with kapil a.k.a. cnwk

comedy nights with kapil a.k.a. cnwk

‘Comedy nights’ show has gone to dogs. Period.

This post is all about  the angst against the duffed up entertainment with the change of hosts.


comedy nights live

comedy nights live

“If the skin were parchment and the blows you gave were ink,
Your own handwriting would tell you what I think.”
― William Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors

Yes! I have invoked Shakespeare to deal with this burden of viewer agony. I have borrowed this plainly without reading the eternal script  and it doesn’t take a genius to understand its (the quote) meaning. That is the whole duffing point. In times of such high needs (in India & around) for good humor, even normality or un-originality  can serve much better than profanity.

Egregious Errors

  1. Bad adaptation : –

1a) Background on hosts – There are three visible stars, as seen within the ongoing timeline of the show i.e. Krishna, Bharti & Sudesh Lehri.


Bharti & Krishna

Bharti & Krishna

Krishna is a dancer wannabe superstar and a half-committed comedian. He seems confused between his propensity for stardom & his sustenance as a comedian, that is just a stock act to propagate his career & chase his fonder dreams. He is erring like a broken record with endless & untimely tributes to Govinda as a show filler. His real personality as an interviewer is amorphous & confusing at best.

e.g.  He referred to the glasses of Mika as an attempt to look smart without having an onstage presence, that the honorable guest i.e. Dharmendra was also wearing one! It was ironical at best, as the segue was just about finishing with comments by Dharmendra, i.e. his mantra for youthfulness at the age of 80. It was dealt away with a smile & a comic response from the maestro actor himself.

Krishna clearly came across too green on the show’s turf & lacks ability to co-ordinate interviews, also without having any grasp of outstanding improvisations such as kapils’. The genius of kapil is, he did all of this within the limits of comic license while also maintaining the decency of show & dignity of the guests.

Bharti is a loud-mouth pseudo  comic, she derives slapstick humor at expense of others & demands emotional support on being the only noticeable female comedian in the industry. Her humor is clearly insulting many a times (even to most dignified guests e.g.1), it is downright profane & falls hard on the audience at most times. The periodic laughter that the in house audience generates, is almost like a punishment of compulsory humility & a taken for granted largesse by all of us, the humor deprived people. All her acts are an uncomfortable reminder of our sorry situation with limited options on comedy shows.

e.g.1 – At  today’s show end she refereed to the star trio as – “ye log itne velle thodi hein ki yahin ruke rahein” ( these people are not so useless to stay here for you (people).

There was a momentary pause from the 80 year old maestro Indian actor (Dharmendra) to her comments & it felt harsh even by  the most un-orthodox hosting standards. There is a clear lack of comic class , improvising intelligence, sensitivity towards guests-audience dynamism & basic understanding of show’s concept. Personally i think, her on-screen presence is hell on my ears & makes the situation awkward within the purview of family viewing. It is simply an agony not entertainment. I am a viewer i.e. a customer to their TV show business &   i am expressing my ire over it.

I can only say that i am sorry (but not giving or granting) for all of them. If they have the audacity to resume hosting of the best comedy show without matching to its quality. They have opened a Pandora’s box of abject criticism & they must be ready for it. I feel they have robbed & mocked us on something, which had turned the part of our Sunday nights.

“If she lives till doomsday, she’ll burn a week longer than the whole world.”
― William Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors

Sudesh Lehri is the only genuine stand up comedian in this rag sack. He is fully committed to being a comedian & it is reflective in his demeanor. However, he is not burdened with the center spot & his credit is usually painted over by these broad stroking limelight hogs. Just like any true comedian, there is this tragedy to his art form.

Sudesh Lehri

Sudesh Lehri

“A rose by any other word would smell as sweet” (what is there in a name?)  – William Shakespeare , Romeo & Juliet

1b) Falsely Adopting a prodigy : Comedy nights with Kapil is a groundbreaking show. It is a super-hit not only in India but internationally sweeping TRP’s across all major nationalities. The recognition of an Indian comedy show as this is unprecedented! It is simply an intellectual asset of the TV world & pride of our urban heritage.

The (above mentioned) three stooges have assumed the lordship of this screen-house without much intelligent thoughts to its audience & format. The demand of show is simply this:

  • Clean & crass free comedy.
  • Outstanding improvisation as an add on.
  • Suitability to family viewing i.e. suitable for all age groups.
  • Genuine public interaction & their extempore contribution on stage.
  •  Good hosting with dignified treatment to celebrity guests.
  • Insightful & fact based interviews advancing fan-star relationship.

However, the stooges are doing the usual mistake of running with roasting humor & the comedy of profanity. It is their staple & familiar comfort zone but it is a disgrace even a betrayal to show’s tradition. It is done at expense of guests & even falls too hard on the ear of the  organic audience.

2) Who is hosting the show ? : The hosting & interview is a split between the hogs i.e. Krishna & Bharti. It not only breaks the continuity of the show but also leaves the viewers in confusion. Conceptually, the show revolves around a celebrity interview & everything else is an add-on. Until the image of a center stage host is fixed (ringmaster), no act can be profoundly build around it. I cannot remember even one single successful TV interview show in past/present, with changing & unsettling hosts like this one. It gives an impression that the centrifugal drives are missing or too  unsorted in their stage script.

Further, the hosting part is generally taken as an organic interaction with the celebrities & the lesser known facts from their personal lives are brought to notice. It is only logic that the interviewer must hold up his end as a real person & his personalities or characters can pop in as cameo. Kapil did it by introducing other comic talents as secondary add ons. Here, Krishna & Bharti are in characters even while conducting their ‘less-interesting’ interviews. While on stage, their characters cannot be switched & often we see dolly speaking as krishna & bharti verbally switching with a he/she tone. It is simply too chaotic & doesn’t build up on the dialogue segment!

3) Interacting with people is missing : It is a people’s show and so what made kapil sharma a comedian of people or a champion of people’s voices. Neither Krishna nor bharti have the demeanor that is inviting to set up a genuine dialogue with common audience. Rather as an observation, their behavior is too aggressive & even intimidating that will inhibit any open & expressive interaction with audience.

No one from audience is willing to dance,hop, speak or act on the stage. Kapil has said it time & again that the impromptu acts by the in house people, is the major reason for show’s success.

By desperately trying to  compete & make a creative equivalence with kapil’s concepts. I think the stooges are killing the U.S.P. & making a bigger mistake in garb of chasing a different route.

4) The great mistake by Kapil Sharma : It is a great betrayal of people’s trust. With no active comic talent hunts in India & not many clean comedy shows. It is imperative that the show must go on with what was working. It is an earnest requirement of the TV world with an otherwise coma state in its dreary milieu. It is even a national duty to do so when the breakdown is so visible & imminent.

kapil sharma

kapil sharma

The show has generated loyalists with a major chunk from the family audience around the world. The unprecedented success & meteoric rise of Kapil Sharma has lead him on false grounds, now chasing lesser dreams. It started with a beautiful idea to entertain people & deviated towards a show pandering to the celebrity creme’ de la creme’, to now an untoward starry eyed chase of a comedian to turn a bolly-wood superstar.

He is chasing stardom as an actor-comedian, while the general public has universally accepted him as a comedian & a champion of common man’s voice.  He is already on the highest ground available to any artist in the world, i.e. a genuine comedian who reverberates the feelings of people. Time will only tell if Kapil Sharma will realize his forte & his ticket to immortality in a world full of – cliches, copycats & hogging performers.



Thank you for reading. If you like this post then share it with your buddies & spread the opinion, as i sincerely feel that public opinion is supreme. After all, we are at the receiving end of whatever comes out of this brew. It is full of commercial bias that is eating out our free loading entertainment. We must raise our opinions and do so vociferously.


I hate it when someone take a plunder on my sources of entertainment & deprives me of the humor, in a life full sober reality.


The comedy of egregious errors

The comedy of egregious errors

Junkman's review : Comedy nights live

Junkman’s review : Comedy nights live

I give this new show 2 out 5. how high do you rate it, tell me in the comments.


Thanks & Regards.

Vishu Mishra

Blog Author

E-book release, titled – ‘Beauty, Youth and A Beautiful Mind: An insight into the urban blights of our age.’

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Book details -Beauty, Youth & A beautiful Mind

Book details -Beauty, Youth & A beautiful Mind

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An e-book on urban blights of our age.

An e-book on urban blights of our age.

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Book Cover - Beauty, Youth & A Beautiful Mind

Book Cover – Beauty, Youth & A Beautiful Mind

Book Synopsis (Text ) – 


The world is getting stacked into urban set-ups. The revel of this human pinnacle comes along with some grave ignorance. Boons of technology have taken an untoward hack into our modern lives. Over- digitization of human activities, affects our natural inclinations & organic behaviors. The urban order suffers with challenges of natural & un-natural pollutants.

This book discusses such gaps & stresses of mega-cities, which have taken away our gifts of – beauty, youth & a beautiful mind. It is an insightful discussion on the growing urban blights of 21st century.

These issues range in – popular, sophisticated & niche problems of new societal order.  They are currently too advanced for entailment as a parliamentary debate or to be incorporated into world public policies. However, time is ripe to throw light on them with an astute reformist action.

There are undue stresses & gaps in our lifestyles, which need to be addressed sincerely. The overview of these changes within past few decades, can define our understanding of urban utopia. Evils of – digital news, virals-&-trends, commercial biases, must be tendered for sustenance of timeless human values. The book heeds & encourages this debate, to ensure an amicable human environment for our transient & future generations.

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Ebook illustration - The Sketch of Urban Mesh

E-book illustration – The Sketch of Urban Mesh


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Hrithik Roshan for seventh James bond? (article with poll) & Who is the best James Bond ever?

Before we even begin our discussion, lets put our hearts and minds to an un-deniable & un-biassed fact- If you ever want to see an Indian James Bond, Hrithik Roshan is your best Bet!

Hrithik Roshan, James Bond 007

Hrithik Roshan, James Bond 007


To briefly lay his repertoire– Hrithik Roshan is a 40 year old leading Indian actor. He is known worldwide –  for his oodles of charm, Greek god looks, impeccable physique & rare versatility. His broodingly suave presence and hunger for perfection, puts him leaps & bound ahead of his contemporaries in Indian cinema.


His selected filmography includes

Kaho na pyaar hai, Koi mil gaya, Lakshya, Krrish-2 &3, Dhoom-2, Zindagi na milegi dobara, Agneepath’ .

Seemingly, he can rightly pull off lover  & fighter’s combo with masterful superiority. His on-screen brilliance in his roles, that sway in romance & action have brewed this whole discussion.He is five feet & eleven-a-half inches tall,wears coolness with ease and aces nods of acceptance with sharp looking suits. All these befitting of a perfect spy under discussion.


Bang Bang

Bang Bang


It makes him a thoughtful prospect for the role of James Bond. The recently released movie Bang-Bang has torched this idea. This possibility has turned a fond out-cry, among his fans around the world.

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‘The role of James Bond is simply the fantasy of every man and soaring ambition of every actor’.


Can he get shortlisted by MGM among the finest in the world?


lets see-

Q. But firstly, how do we describe James Bond ? before the selection of actor is discussed.

Ans. The character of James Bond owes royalty to the genius of Ian Fleming‘s first James Bond novel (1952).


James bond, Commonly defined – ‘He is a brooding man of mystery, who is irresistible to ladies and world’s most favorite spy – 007’.

James Bond, 1952

James Bond a sketch, 1952


Ian Fleming inspiration– Ian Fleming was a war veteran and naval commanding officer, who served in world war-II. His desire to write a spy novel got inspired from – his wartime experiences, his sense of esteem about British spy’s achievements in World war-I and him closely observing  individuals, whom he came across during his tenure in Intelligence division.

Ian Fleming,at work

Ian Fleming,at work

He wrote his first novel in the spring of 1952. He devoted two months to its completion and also used this time to drew away from  personal problems. He was well-known to be a heavy drinker and smoker.

James Bond stories– His Plot is originally set in post world-war Britain, conceptualizing a free world against the soviet union situation and enemy leaders of complex-obscure origin (Slavic, Mediterranean, or Central European ). It was often said, that thewhole plot was set to pandering the inflated & insecure self-image of British in post war era.

Structure & Character of james Bond– The bond character would vacillate between – duty & sacrifice, love & death, cupidity & ideals, Luxury & discomfort, Chance & planning.


Bond’s character– A Good looking heterosexual male, cold in  eyes & cruel mouth(jaw-line), dark-short hair, measures half inch shy of  6 feet & weighs round-about 76 kg.


Fleming's bond

Fleming’s bond

Bond is depicted as a spy in his mid to late thirties. His idiosyncrasy and habits would involve –  simple dining ( like cold beef & potatoes), heavy drinking (preferably dry martini or scotch) & heavy smoking (60- 70 sticks a day). Along would compliment an affinity for drugs, at eventful occasions ( professional moments or psychological reasons). His life suffers with mild amnesia and his world is full with laws of gun. Where murder is done as a playful trick & enemy is a wild beast, who savages with no thinking. However, bond is – perspicacious, skillful and deals with equanimity.


Bond's pistol

Bond’s favourite  weapon-A Walter pistol


Bond is also an exceptional marksman, one of the best in the secret service. His abilities cuts through other fields of action such as – hand-to-hand combat, underwater swimming, playing golf & driving fancy automobiles. He loves to shoot with an automatic pistol ( .25 ACP Beretta or Walther PPK 7.65mm) and drives elegantly, in his Mark II Continental Bentley.


Bond's car, mark II continental bentley

Bond’s car, mark II continental bentley


Adaptations to fleming’s bond – After Fleming’s death in 1964, there have been lot of adaptations to his novels with screen-writing,new novels & setting the plot in the current times. One of the most recent being the work of William Boyd’s bond novel ‘solo’, released in 2013. Boyd agrees that there have been massive changes, that have shifted the bond movies far from Fleming’s projection. However, there are lot of intrinsic things than cannot be changed about the story. It is most certain that the next movies will focus on adaptation in current scenario .William Boyd agrees that his story of a plot in africa, a 1969 civil war is highly unlikely to become a movie.



William Boyd, author of latest bond novel 'solo' :2013

William Boyd, author of latest bond novel ‘solo’ :2013


William Boyd undeniably states about the bond character– “There is a certain amount of weaponry, automobiles and two beautiful women he has relationships with. It would not be a Bond novel without these things in it”


Pros and cons in selection– MGM’S Selection is a long race of worldwide voting and nomination, based on popularity and actor’s international impact. It is followed by shortlisting, based on actor’s filmography and screen tests (action scenes for the movie or previously performed). It is long before the MGM Lion roars in agreement.

if Hrithik is to be chosen as the new bond, following shall fall for & against him in the process-


1. Pros

a. Looks and physical description of Fleming’s bond matches picture-perfect with Hrithik (almost 6 feet, thin ,dark short hair, elusive & alluring spy)

b. Bond attires in sharp suits & carries attitude which is cool yet sharp ,brooding yet engaging & smooth yet active. Hrithik conduct these passionately since the beginning of his career.

c. Bond movies are majorly themed on romance-action, which is reflective of Hrithik’s major filmography.

d. Bond is a spy in his late thirties. Hrithik is perfectly aged for that role at 40.


2 Cons-

a. Ethnicity– Bond is primarily British in origin. Hence, it has to be a historic decision to choose someone from Indian background. Most stalwart actors have turned down the role( clint eastwood, burt reynolds & adam reynolds) on their professional opinions that bond must be enacted by a British actor. Hrithik will find that a tough ground to break, even with his exceptional considerations.

b.English accent– Something that is non-negotiable, bond must and must have an authentic English accent.If an indian accent slips through screening, with a flat tongue or indian accent tourettes start acting up in the scenes. It is simply a cross-marking by the MGM and British director.

C. Bollywood and world image – Though bolly-wood has broken lot of grounds at different levels, with personal or combined achievements. It is still not as widespread,critically acclaimed and popular as American or British cinema. Hrithik will find it tough to sway the votes in his favour. He will not only face accomplished British actors, in race for the seventh title but needlessly carry hopes of Indian cinema to break grounds with his single spectacular achievement. Quite Simply, Indian actor chosen for a bond role will be the breakthrough of the century for bolly-wood at world stage.

MGM LION, will it roar for Hrithik?

MGM LION, will it roar for Hrithik?

D. Domestic comparisons & mongering– India being largest democracy in the world, filled with loudest and most chaotic mouths. The whole scenario will break clouds over apple to apple comparisons. However unimportant, Hrithik will face lot of criticism at home,sully comparisons, news-hour debates and media created competition with Indian stalwart actors. These all names are in no less measure, deserving of a consideration-



Now, lets look at some of the stalwart International actors, that our home boy is up-against. Can he shine among the light of these giants? All these actors are well-earmarked,critically noted &publicly approved of favourable bond choices.

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Finally, have a look at these six actors who have played James Bond over the years.



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Now, have one final look at the man on our weighing scale-

Hrithik Roshan,James Bond

Hrithik Roshan,Seventh James Bond?


Choose to vote for or against this idea



Surely, India has a big advantage with a large populous supporting Hrithik Roshan for the role of James Bond. The same frenzy helped Taj Mahal get voted as  world’s no.1 wonder of the world, among the top seven. Hrithik Roshan is no less than a wonder man to the masses of Indian cinema viewers.


Note of Dedication: At last,this post and information is intended for all Hrithik Roshan’s fans. It is however dedicated to the masterful acting skills, dialogue delivery and on-screen performances of stalwart actor Late. Jeremy Brett.

He is one of my all time favorite actors and best to portray as Sherlock Holmes. Owing to reasons best known to him, Mr. Brett denied the role of James Bond, as offered to him before Sean Connery.

However, it is my firm belief that he would have out-classed the performances of even Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan by quantum proportions. Here it is ( my dedication),to the Best James Bond that could never happen somehow.He smiles with his perspicacity & broodiness,those thoughtful depths unknown to most men. A picture of him as Sherlock Holmes is below-


Jeremy Brett,Best James Bond Prospect

Jeremy Brett-Legendary portray as Sherlock Holmes & best ever James Bond Prospect of all times



Hrithik Roshan as seventh James Bond

Hrithik Roshan as seventh James Bond