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Welcome to ‘ The Out of Business‘ Blog!



By the way, neither that’s my car nor its a gift for visiting this blog! 😀

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Dear Reader,

This write-up is about my introduction! yay!  aah .. LoL

I should get formal and narrate my lifetime here then! .umm.. nope.. Lets try to be brief.

Let’s Begin..

I developed passion of writing basically through poetry. I have been consistently writing poetry -(English & Hindi) since the age of 15. I have written under all emotions, in all kinds of diaries & notebooks, travelling in trains, buses & air-planes. I have written them in oddest of hours, in the times of crisis ,seconds of rejoice, dread of eleventh hour and under desperate moments.

I think It’s actually fun to document your emotions at all ages and times. The thoughts of a 15 year old kid are distinct from a 25 old man  to a 35 year old grown-up and other age groups. All these emotions are important as they cannot be though out and written at any other times but that age itself.

I believe that to become good at expressing yourself ,one must keep expressing himself till he/she gets it better.

I am naturally a funny person with good sense of humor.I have an in-built nag to keep entertaining people around me. It’s my edge in writing. I have good observation, top view over situations and ability to understand people dynamics. It’s what i always try to employ in my writing.

My main purpose is to generate entertainment, give respect to art and meet similar minded people. I  always aim to refresh my thoughts and open my mind. Through this blog, I intend to help people around me in similar manner.

I believe  that Creativity , Humor and Entertainment is the divine spark of life. I pursue it with all heart and try to keep getting better at it.

You may scroll down under my categories titled as ‘ My Repertoire‘ . It currently contains seventeen categories. i am highly positive that the blog when in full wings,would contain all the dimensions to my creativity and in my rightful domain of passion.

i would be looking forward to suggestions,comments and opinions to improve my work. I love quality discussions, i welcome all rational and logical discussions on this blog.

My secondary intentions would be network with similar minded people,who are  into reading blogs ,writing blogs and share the same zeal in self improvement.

At the very best,your involvement with comments and suggestions would be most valuable to achieve true purpose of this blog.

At the very ground level,i am a good entertainer. I have done it all my life  around people,which forms my convictions to become  a blog writer.

Once you stumble upon this blog, i would make sure that you would be entertained,feel refreshed and possibly  never ever leave.

Finally, i am glad you could drop by and read this note. Please stay in touch,this will be good and it will just get better & better with time.


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Thank you for your time:)

Yours Truly & Sincerely,
Vishu Mishra
Blog Author

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