About the Blog

Dear reader,

Welcome to ‘The Out of Business’ blog.

This Blog is a home for all creative writing.

There are currently seventeen working categories majorly constructed under poetry, creative writing, fiction writing, informative writing, reviews, storytelling, sketches.

All these categories are collected under title ‘My Repertoire’. It is truly my bag of skills that can be at expense to derive entertainment for the user.

The blog is named as ‘The Out of Business’ as its an outcry and revolution of all amateur writers/artists, who are out of business. My work here would satiate my passion to convert my hobby into my profession.There is really nothing better than working on things one loves the most.I hope i can turn this blog into ‘ In the Business’ someday 🙂

My motto is to create original work , employ high quality thinking and art work into blogging. If you as a reader may derive interest and entertainment out of this domain then its’ a great reward!

However, since my attempt is to put original artistic work to readers. The frequency of post may be mellow and waving sometimes. I just hope for your support to keep up and be patient as a reader.

it’s an exasperation of an amateur writer because its a tough ground to break out.


Watch out! for all breakthrough writing.

Keep visiting!

Thanks 🙂

About the Blog

Vishu Mishra

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