Soul funk

Music v/s lyrics

Music -funk-melody


when music hits, it’s like a prayer.
lights shimmer to devotion.
like a wingless bird I’m falling,
towards my maker, into an oblivion.

Sinking in lake, now half-way down.
I’m stony-stoned to my destination.
a rock bottom town,
where funk hits ground,
we take this funk to new notations.

Funk of jackson


when music hits like a prayer,
it unveils me layer by layer.
like an onion ring towards its core,
my soul rises & hits the dance floor.

I am a feather to mercy of winds.
I am a noble to those funky kings.
I am sinking in this trance of sea.
I am grooving in the funk of me.


Soul Funk

Soul Funk

First draft- 30-10-2014

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