This emptiness, has devoured my sensations.
those sudden sanguine for little things.
Them lost, with anxiety for everything.
It holds me, It settles me, with dimmer lights.

I once, was a man of happenings.
Now I rock my chair with old memories-
My adrenalin when rose, with buoyance of chaos.
Now I sit, I smoke, I watch them silently.

These lights must illuminate & accentuate,
My visual blur, My shiftless eyelids.
I may, yield to a distant sound.
fade away quicker, with stir of silence.

This emptiness has devoured my sensation.
A sudden sanguine of little things.
Them lost, my anxiety of new.
I hold and settle with sober glow.

There’s a feeling that sticks bottom bellow,
I stir, I stir,I tried.
It won’t rise, collude with now.
Like twisted strings un-mended.

I once could breathe & rise with-it.
The youth of hope, that kindles & grows.
No more it flows nor stimulates,
I sit, I sit ,I realize.

-Vishu Mishra
Jan 26,2014



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