A Trance of Delight

Middle of nowhere, on desert mound,
I was a white cloud- amid hottest day.
Devoured by the arrows of savage sunrays,
& gangs of sand storm, robbing my soul away.

I was a tiny scorpion –blackened,
By the heat of everyday & rolling away,
A savior knight, the oasis obstructed,
my helpless way, then it melts away.
It percolated through my cloudy soul,
an overwhelmed mist, I was then whole.
a black cloud pouring rain; trance commiserates.

Then music explodes, then percussion punctuates.
Surrounding evanesced, progression takes away.
Like a bird’s first flight, like a full moon night.
I was in delight; my ipod, my bike.
That longing thirst seems so ephemeral;
As soon it hits play, reality fades away.

a trance of delight : music..

a trance of delight : music..

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