The diary of shaheed bhagat singh (excerpt) – part 3 of 3

below are my compiled favorite lines,quotes, widom from the diary of great martyr shaheed bhagat singh i divided it into two parts,hope you will find wisdom among the pages of this great young man..

after going through it,i compiled below some of the content that was utmost appealin to me,you may go through the original page and compile your own is content quoted from different authors,scholars,poets & some written by  bhagat singh durin his time in prison,the diary was later retrieved and compiled for public view.the work written and compiled reflects his knowledge on socialism,politics,history, and a wide variety of subjects,however nvertheless goin through this page i would recommend one intersted to self read the whole diary which is about 80 pages, filled with brilliance & pure abstract knowledge


Page 69 Aim of communists

: —” The communists disdain to conceal their views and aim. They openly declarethat their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing socialconditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communist revolution. Theproletarians have nothing to loose but their chains. They have a world to winWorkingmen of all countries , unite


Voice of the People

:—–The Goverment we know have all ruled , in the main, by indifference of people;they have always been govt of a minority of this or that fraction of

the countrywhich is politically conscious. But when the gaint wakes , he will have his way ,and all that matters to the world is whether he will wake in time



Page 71

” It so often happens.” wrote Lenin in July 1917, ” that when events take asudden turn, even an advanced party cannot adapt itself for some time to thenew coditions. It goes on repeating yesterdays watch words which under the

new circumstances have become empty of meaning and which have lostmeaning unexpectedly , just in proportion as the change of in events has

� �

been unexpected. “Lesson of October P17





Tactics and Strategy

: ——-In politics as in war , tactics means the art of conducting isolated operations ;strategy means the art of victory , that is the actual seizure of power.P 18: 0 :

Propoganda and Action

:—-And it is an extremely sudden change, when the party of Proletriat passes fromprepration , from propaganda and organisation and agitation to an actual strugglefor power and an actual insurrection against bougeoisie . Those in the party whoare irresolute or sceptical , or compromising, or cowardly ….. oppose theinsurrection, they look for theortical arguments to justify their opposition, and theyfind them all ready made , among their opponents of yesterday.Trotsky p 19

Page 72

” It is necessary to direct ourselves, not by old formulas but by new realities.”Lenin p25He always fought for the future against the past.p41—————————————————–But a moment comes when the habit of thinking that the enemy is strongestbecomes main obstacle to victotry.Trotsky p 48…… But in such circumstances not every party will have its Lenin…….. What does it means to loose the moment?






All the art of tactics consists in this to to match the moment when thecombination of circumstances is most favourable……( Circumstances had produced the combination and Lenin said ) The crisis mustbe settled in one way or another ” Now or never” repeated Lenin.




Opportune Moment

: —–Time is an important factor in politics. It is thousand times more so in war andrevolution. Things can be done today that cannot be done tomorrow. To raise inarms to defeat the enemy , to seize power, may be possible today and tomorrowmay be impossible. But, you will say , to seize power means changing the courseof history; is it possible that such a thing can depend on a delay of 24 hours?Even so, when it comes to an armed insurrection, events are not measured bylong yards of politics but by short yards of war. To lose a few weeks , a fewdays , sometimes even one day , may mean giving up the revolution , may meancapitulation.Political cunning is always dangerous , especially in a revolution . You maydeceive the enemy, but you may confuse the masses who are following you.



The inefficient Leader

: —…….. There are two kinds of leaders who incline to drag the party back at themoment when it should go fastest. One kind also tends to see over whelmingdifficulties and obstacles in the way of revolution and looks at them —–consciously or unconsciously — with the desire of avoiding them. They alter Marxism into a system for explaining why revolutionary action is impossible.The other kind are mere superficial agitators. They see never any obstacle untillthey can break their heads against them. They think they can avoid realdifficulties by floods of oratory. They look at every thing with supreme optimism ,and , naturally change right over when something has actually to be done.

excerpts :jail diary of shaheed bhagat singh

excerpts :jail diary of shaheed bhagat singh

compiled by : vishu mishra

blogalias :captain jack sparrow


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