The diary of shaheed bhagat singh (excerpt) – part 1 of 3

below are my compiled favorite lines,quotes, widom from the diary of great martyr shaheed bhagat singh i divided it into two parts,hope you will find wisdom among the pages of this great young man..

after going through it,i compiled below some of the content that was utmost appealin to me,you may go through the original page and compile your own is content quoted from different authors,scholars,poets & some written by  bhagat singh durin his time in prison,the diary was later retrieved and compiled for public view.the work written and compiled reflects his knowledge on socialism,politics,history, and a wide variety of subjects,however nvertheless goin through this page i would recommend one intersted to self read the whole diary which is about 80 pages, filled with brilliance & pure abstract knowledge.

Page 20

Full many a gem of purest ray serene,The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear;Full many a flower is harm to blush unseenAnd waste it sweetness on the desert air.

Page 21

Not a grave of the murdered for freedom ,but grows seed for freedom , in its turn to beer seed,Which the wind carry afar and re-sow , and therains and the snows nourish .Not a disembodied spirit can the weapons of tyrants let loose,


But it stalks invincibily over the earth , whispring, counselling cautioning

Page 23

New Gospel” Society can overlook murder , adultry or swindling; it never forgives thepreaching of a new gospel.

immorality of soul : -For you know if you can once get a man beleiving in immorality there is nothingmore left for you to desire ; you can take everything in the world he owns – youcan skin him alive if you please – and he will bear it with perfect good humour.

God Tyrants-A tyrant must put on the appearence of uncommon devotion to religion.Subjectsare less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider God -fearing and pious. On the other hand , they do less easily move against him ,beleiving that he has the gods on his side.


There were no stars , no earth , no time ,No check , no change , no good , no crime,


But silence , and a stirless breath,Which neithr was of life nor death.[ The Prisoner of Chillon

After Conviction-

During the moments which immediatly follow upon his sentence , the mind of thecondemned in many respects resembles that of aman on the point of death.Quiet and as if inspired he no longer clings to what he is about to leave , butfirmly looks in front of him, fully conscious of the fact that what is coming isinevitable.[ V N Figner

The Prisoner-

It is a suffocating under the low dirty roof;My strength grows weaker year by year :They oppress me , this stormy floor,This iron chained table ,This bed of steel , this chair , chainedTo the walls , like boards of grave .In this eternal dumb , deep silenceOne can only consider oneself a corpse.” N . A . Morozov”

Page 33

No Enemies?You have no enemies you say ?Alas! my friend the boast is poor;He who has mingled in the frayof duty , that the brave endure,


Must have made foes! If you have none,small is the work you have done.You ve hit no traitor on the hip

,You ve dashed no cup from perjured lip

,You ve never turned the wrong to right

,You ve been a coward in the fight

.[ Charles Mackey 747 ] {ed. now cry for justice 493(1996)

Child Labour-

No fledgling feeds the father bird !No chiken feeds the hen,No kitten mouses for the cat -This glory is for men.We are the Wisest , Strongest Race -Loud may our praise be sung !The only animal aliveThat lives upon its young ![ Charlotte Perkins Gilman ] { now C F J p442}

Capitalism and Commercialism :—-

Rabinder Naths adress to an assembly of Japanese students :–


” You had your own industry in Japan ; how scrupulously honest and true it was,you can see by its products – by their grace and strength , their conscientiousness in details where they can hardly be observed . But the tidalwave of falsehood has swept over your land from that part of the world wherebusiness is business and honesty is followed merely as the best policy. Have younever felt shame when you see the trade advertisements , not only plastering thewhole town with lies and exaggerations, but invading the green fields , where thepeasents do their honest labour, and to hilltops which greet the first light of themorning?….. This commercialism with its barbarity of ugly decorations is aterrible menance to all humanity , because it is setting up the ideal of power over perfection . It is making the cult of self seekig exult in its nakedshamelessness……………..

page 39

… Its movements are violent , its noise is discardently loud. It is carryingits own damnation because it is trampling into distortion. The humanity uponwhich it stands .It is strenously turning out the money at the cost of happiness……… The vital ambition of the present civilization of Europe is to havethe exclusive possesion of devil.

Karl Marx on Religion :——

Man makes religion ; religion does not make man. Religion , indeed, is the self consciousness and the self feeling of man who either has not yet found himself or else ( have found himself) has lost himself once more. But men is not anabstract being squatting down somewhere outside the world . Man is the world of men , the state , society. This state ,this society produces religion, produces aperverted world consciousness, because they are a perverted world. Religion isthe generalised theory of this world its encylopaedic compend , its logic in apopular form ……….. The fight against religion is, therefore a direct compaignagainst the world whose spiritual aroma is religion

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