Diamonds are rare,Diamonds are dearth


Picked a shiny one, near the woods’ rivers’ firth,
Picked a random one, a poets’ houses’ backyards’ dirth,
Found it engraved, as yet man –made,
Embedded-enshelfed en roses’ bud.
Couldn’t make it shiny, din’t find them many.
Diamonds are rare, diamonds are dearth.

“as if on fire from deep within,
The moon shines on lining of her skin”,
Praising the words, struck a spark wee,
Desires Burned to coal, aspires engulfed ennui.
Couldn’t make it any real, din’t find them any,
Diamonds are rare, diamonds are dearth.

Seen him heartbroken to dearth & damsel.
Cursing he scribbled-enscrolled in mud,cursing but shone alast.
Not a stone, not a deception,a poets’-Parchment-a pilgrimage.
‘Couldn’t find them any, god din’t make so many.
Diamonds are rare, diamonds are dearth.’

Sulken in dilemma, dunken in despair,
Procrastinate-inkng his fate,
Carved of poets’ hearty blood.
Found a poet beneath muddy trees’,
Found a poet in his woody lawns’,
Found a poet searching for hers’.

vishu mishra

diamonds are rare..

diamonds are rare..

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