The song within

june 26,2012,01:52am

Der’s a song within that wants to be sung,
so dat all the throbbing of heart shall be done.
i try to write it over & over again,
acushla! for its misery sometimes find some pain.
i crush it again,till this paper could convey,
i wrote it all day ,but i burned it at night.
there’s a thought within i could not cultivate.
its not the moment i could suspend it & elevate.
its not the words,the work is not done,
there’s a song within that wants to be sung.
if i could let it free,for a moment atleast,
i would not look for expressions anymore,
if i could sing to its echo,then relax & breathe.
then finally could  i go off to sleep,
as finally must i sing to this song,
over and over and over again.
for the moment i could elevate,
for the words i could cultivate.
if i could write it all day and sing at night,
the song within that needs to be sung.
i try to write it everyday.

by:vishu mishra

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