A dusky winter’s morning

Dec 26,2004

Feeling so restless can be seen,
Since the time i have been,with my pen and paper,
To write at night but even in this morning’s moonlight.
Such a weird moon with different phases i’ve seen,
With its moonlight,
Is it showing me the darkness of night
or just its light.

Sign of hope for all you broken souls.
Or just a moment of relief.
Soon this light will fade away,
& welcomes this practical life’s morning,
What a full moon night or like a day i say.
Time’s so pious i wish & i pray,
For me & you all,this darkness must fade away.

Oh! Such a dusky morning,
Fog’s all around and i am just bound..
Like that star i see in this early winter’s morning.
Is this an indicator,
Not to forget that night’s not far,
So,don’t get blurred by this fog.
Sun’s too bright,don’t get lost.
Make you way through into her heart..
Time’s running too fast,
so many many obstacles to be pulled apart.
don’t wait for the night to decide,
Should you cry in the darkness,
Or wonder in the moonlight.

by:vishu mishra
blog alias:captnjacksparw

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