Flying without wings


Flying without wings

U can drop me now, but U cant keep me down,
Love has no parachute, but nor does my fatal will.
& nor does my iron shackles,& not even my poetics’ (sk)ill.

With this tragic jump,alas! laugh like a clown,
& skydiving learned chuteless, alast! weightless like flown.
& now i must pray,if i can fly without wings,
& now i may or not, but must fly without wings.
Drop like a stone,
If! ….
Then let it be.
It must be.

But Sitting silent is now grave,
I do not want it to be.
Incised on my tombstone,
a reason unsaid,
“it was better this”.
Then let it be.
It must be.

Now, Sitting silent in my mind, my grave,
I nod. my conscience applauds.
“Its better this”
Are yet so damn naive, but..

Now, its so clear,
Second by second my horizon is nearer,
& second by second its much more near.
Let the air rush into lungs,
Let the heart pump some real blood.
In all this mess,
It struck my mind so fast, at last…
this fear of defeat now has to go,
& what its like to fly without wings,
I have to know.

by:vishu mishra

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