The sunset prayer

vishu mishra


The sunset prayer

Thereafter the day,
I sit like a rapture on the lonely shore,
And with my uncommon sense of beauty i capture,
This branch on which i am fed by the crow curse,
Graved on my dying luck,
With sunrays falling off,its worse and worse.
Still i sat with the stance i relax into the.

Whatever i am painting is you.
With my graphite running out in blue.
As i pray now,
As if moment is standing upright on horizon.
True love shall be whose who let it free.
if its comes back to me,i hope.
Till then am a grave,this stance i relax into the.

Leaving all,i sit back to the willow,with same zeal,
Broken heart can heal,i hope.
This urge unwasted i put in my prayers,
I beauty these petals layer by layer.
And Simplest prayer i let it free.
That roses be red then let them be yours.
And thorns be left then let them for me.

vishu mishra

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