About New E-book :Captain Jack’s -Pirate Training for Arms


Captain Jack's - Pirate Training for Arms

Captain Jack’s – Pirate Training for Arms

My new E-book is released on Amazon Kindle on Aug,24,2015. Check it out.

Genre : Fitness,Health & Resistance Training


Short Description : A Quick-read, highly effective & easy to use fitness program for new gymers. Get hooked to a drug-free, natural & expedient growth on your arms training.



Long Description :

Consider this book like a recipe manual. You will have everything in here, all you need for it to work! – Health factors, social factors, sports psychology and real-time training principles. It is however all present in the right proportions i.e. just what will make a perfect dish! A quick reading of this and you’re ready.


One always feels empowered will genuine knowledge and information. It makes you will power oscillate to higher energy levels. All the elements and people who will shroud this simple doctrine will fade away.

I have encapsulated all I know from learning, training and empirical experiences of past six years of my ‘Gym-Time’. It is for a philanthropic reason, I simply believe that everyone has the right to – good health, good youth, good looks, good sport and drug-free approach towards better lifestyle. You can also gift this quick-guide to anyone who is starting out in the fitness industry. Small gesture of this book will save anyone a lot of money – fiend coaches’ fee, supplement scam, anabolic abuse and all non-productive deviations in their workout timeline.

It is important to create health along with self-esteem and that can only come with a right, ethical approach toward training. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.



Best  Regards , Thank you.

Vishu Mishra